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Double Process Blonding

What is a Double Process Hair Coloring Service?  Are you dreaming of platinum blonde hair? Ask your stylist about a double process hair coloring service during your consultation! Double process hair coloring generally refers to the process used to lighten hair by at least two shades. If you currently have color and your roots are …

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Color Correction

Color correction is a service that may sound a bit scarier than it is. Many drastic hair color changes are achieved through color correction services. At Meura Salon, your first coloring appointment will frequently be a color correction service. Here is a little more about the color correction hair service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at …

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Process of Lived in Blonde 

Here are the steps to achieving the perfect, multi-dimensional, sun-kissed look we love during a Lived in Blonde service at Meura Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   Consultation  The consultation before your appointment is key to making your Meura Salon Lived in Blonde experience everything you deserve.   Hair Cleansing Service  To begin your appointment, we treat …

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Techniques Used for a Lived in Blonde Hair Color Session 

Your Bone Structure  Choosing the color placement based on your bone structure utilizes the perfect angle on your head for each strand to shine through. This placement highlights your natural beauty as your hair grows.  Your Eye Color & Skin Tone  Lived in Blonde considers your skin tone for the months between services (like tanning …

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Our Sisters Story

Women-Owned & Sister-Run Salon Meura Salon is more than a place to get gorgeous. Born out of a passion for the empowerment behind feeling beautiful, Meura Salon has grown with Roxy & Es as they navigate life with their sister by their side. The mission behind Meura Salon is a simple one; to provide quality …

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