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Color Correction

Color correction is a service that may sound a bit scarier than it is. Many drastic hair color changes are achieved through color correction services. At Meura Salon, your first coloring appointment will frequently be a color correction service. Here is a little more about the color correction hair service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at Meura Salon.

What is a Color Correction Hair Service? 

Color correction is when you are looking to change your current hair color and are sporting dye already. This hair coloring service will put the health of your hair above anything else. Keeping your hair healthy as pigments are stripped from and placed into your hair strands will make your dream color look even better than you imagined. 

Hair Color Correction in Fort Lauderdale 

The Meura Salon Color Correction hair coloring service in Fort Lauderdale is often multiple visits for many reasons. If you think about it, we don’t know where your hair has been or which products were necessarily used during your previous coloring service. 

We will talk about your hair history, the different colors used, your lifestyle, and your dream hair goals during your consultation. Understanding your personality allows us to give you hair that matches you, inside out. 

During your first appointment, we will remove the unwanted color pigments from your hair. We can understand more when your hair is in its raw, natural state. Once a mystery, the state of your hair will reveal everything we need to know to move forward—the health of your hair and the colors needed for your dream look to come together.

We will then begin to color your hair accordingly, getting you closer to your dream hair goal. Your desired transformation, subtle or drastic, and your hair health will decide the number of coloring sessions needed. Some slight color corrections only require one visit—other, more drastic changes, like the one shown here, require three visits or more. 

Color Correction at Meura Salon 

Color correction hair coloring services by Meura Salon hold the health and integrity of your hair as the priority. We believe in rocking your dream hair color with hair that is living its best life, too. When you book a color correction service at Meura Salon, you will be the only client for that stylist that day. Our personal appointments allow your hair the time and space to complete the necessary processes rather than rushing through. 

The hair coloring specialists in Fort Lauderdale at Meura Salon bring art and knowledge together to create hair magic. Details from your lifestyle, bone structure, hair color goal, texture and porosity of your hair, and undertones are all considered for your color correction. You can see the amazing transformation in the pictures included in this three-session color correction. Book your consultation today and achieve your dream hair at Meura Salon!