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Double Process Blonding

What is a Double Process Hair Coloring Service? 

Are you dreaming of platinum blonde hair? Ask your stylist about a double process hair coloring service during your consultation! Double process hair coloring generally refers to the process used to lighten hair by at least two shades. If you currently have color and your roots are longer than an inch and a half, check with your stylist during the consultation to see if a double process is the best hair coloring service in Fort Lauderdale for you. 

During a double process hair service, the natural pigments are stripped from your hair. A toner is then applied to your hair to reach your desired shade. Multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve your desired shade of blonde, depending on your hair’s health and natural coloring. 

Double Process Hair Service in Fort Lauderdale 

Meura Salon boasts a team of stylists that are experts in hair coloring. Weaving artistic vision, your dream hair goals, and a wealth of knowledge, Meura Salon makes dreams a reality. Always working with your hair’s natural state, the integrity of your hair is maintained through all sessions. Your facial bone structure, lifestyle, and hair vision are all taken into account during your one-on-one coloring appointment. 

All double process appointments are booked as the sole client for your colorist that day, giving us the time and freedom to achieve your dream hair look at a pace that is healthy for your hair. Double process appointments at Meura Salon require a consultation, so we can meet your hair, understand your dream look and create the best path to get you there. A strand test is also available during your consultation, which gives us a peek inside your hair’s natural color structure and understand the healthiest color change path for your hair. 

Book a consultation with Fort Lauderdale’s elite hair coloring specialists at Meura Salon, and make your dream hair goals your reality!