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Lived in Blonde

Have you heard of the Lived in Blonde hair coloring technique in Fort Lauderdale? It is our specialty here at Meura Salon! Lived in Blonde combines various hair coloring techniques to give you a premier hair coloring service in Fort Lauderdale. Rock a natural, dimensional look that is customized for you. Learn more about Lived in Blonde & how it can be utilized to reach your dream hair by booking a consultation at Meura Salon.


Creating that Dreamy Sun-Kissed Look Au Naturel

Lived in Blonde is a hair color trend that has proven it’s here to stay. This sought-after hair coloring technique combines multiple techniques to give you the ultimate look and artistry. At Meura Salon, we specialize in Lived in Blonde. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Lived in Blonde?

Lived in Blonde is a hair coloring service that combines the best techniques to create the ultimate, transformative, low-maintenance, & gorgeous hair. The Lived in Blonde hair coloring style can be used even if you are not looking to go full-on blonde. Lived in Blonde creates a dimensional hair color while highlighting your features with a fresh from a week at the beach vibe.

Utilizing every piece of hair, Lived in Blonde is meant to be lived in for months at a time. In contrast to traditional highlighting, a Lived in Blonde hair coloring can last 6 months to 1 year! All of our Lived in Blonde clients at Meura Salon have access to our special 3-in-1 package for maintenance every three months. Keep your look fresh between coloring services for a look that lasts.


Helps Improve the Texture of Your Hair

These infrequent coloring sessions give your hair time to heal between sessions. With proper aftercare for your hair’s state, switching to Lived in Blonde hair coloring treatments can improve your hair’s health and texture in time.

Utilizes Every Piece of Hair

Accounting for every piece of hair on your head, Lived in Blonde color treatments create a balanced, multi-dimensional effect. This natural blend looks fantastic no matter which style you choose that day. With each piece of hair used, the coloring has an effortless, seamless look.

Low Maintenance Locks

The minimal trips to the salon are an advantage of having Lived in Blonde hair. Color treatments are only needed once or twice a year, with two optional maintenance sessions at Meura Salon between coloring sessions. Lived in Blonde is intended for your hair to have a natural, seamless grow-out. Placement accentuates your features as your hair grows.


Book a Lived in Blonde Experience at Meura Salon

Treating yourself to a Meura Salon experience begins here! When you book your appointment, you will be the only client for your stylist that day. One client daily allows us to give your hair the attention and patience it deserves, reaching your transformative look in peace.

If it is your first time visiting Meura Salon or choosing the Lived in Blonde hair coloring technique, we require you to schedule a consultation before an appointment. During the consultation, we will find the next available appointment that works for you for your Lived in Blonde coloring session. 

Consultations allow us to meet in person, get to know your hair and create a plan to achieve your desired look and hair coloring. You can expect a consultation to last 30 to 60 minutes. A fee of $30 is due at the consultation time to reserve the time. We will deduct the consultation payment from the price of your service at your next appointment! 

Lived in Blonde

Pricing at Meura Salon

Due to the complexity of a Lived in Blonde service, the final cost is different for each client. Pricing for Lived in Blonde or Luxury Coloring at Meura Salon begins with a flat rate for the base of your chosen service. Hourly rates are added, reflecting the time spent in the salon. Hourly pricing allows us to use the necessary amount of product and to be flexible, working with your hair to achieve your desired result, rather than forcing speed with harsher chemicals or charging for additional product needed. At the consultation, we will discuss the estimated time required for your Lived in Blonde transformation and give you an estimated cost. All blonding services at Meura Salon will include the following in pricing: any amount of lightener needed, all base melts, toners, or glosses, and a deep treatment based on the current health of your hair & what it needs's most to be healthy (such as moisture, repair, detox, etc.). We will end with your desired styling once coloring is complete!

The Art Behind lived in blonde!

Techniques Used for a Lived in Blonde Hair Color Session 

Lived in Blonde considers your skin tone for the months between services (like tanning over the summer). Your eye color is a significant factor we consider at Meura Salon when choosing your perfect color match for face-framing pieces.

Process of Lived in Blonde

Here are the steps to achieving the perfect, multi-dimensional, sun-kissed look we love during a Lived in Blonde service at Meura Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.