Meura Salon – Luxury Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale

Our Sisters Story

Women-Owned & Sister-Run Salon

Meura Salon is more than a place to get gorgeous. Born out of a passion for the empowerment behind feeling beautiful, Meura Salon has grown with Roxy & Es as they navigate life with their sister by their side. The mission behind Meura Salon is a simple one; to provide quality service in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, & intimate. The sisters believe the best quality comes with undivided attention, only after hearing about your dream look goals. 

Art runs in the sisters’ blood. Each member of the family is an artist in their chosen industry. With hairstylists, decorators, & shoe designers, luxury hair coloring came naturally for Roxy. Esthetics is where Es found her niche, bringing her lifelong magnetism to the eyes to microblading. 

Separated by 12 years, Roxy & Es have an inseparable bond only sisters with the same birthday can hold. At the age of 18, Roxy decided to become a hairstylist. Between catching up on reading & writing skills & studying for her new career, Roxy went all in on school for the first time. Es remembers this inspirational moment in time as Roxy’s “Legally Blonde” moment with papers spread across the bed, studying everywhere she went with empowered energy. 

A Hairstylist is Born 

It is common to fail the licensure test to become a hairstylist the first time. Determined to be certified that day, Roxy signed up for two exams on the same day rather than waiting for the next available exam later in the year. With a morning test & an afternoon test, she was sure one of them would be her ticket. Roxy passed both exams with flying colors, cementing her path as a hairstylist. 

Since she was 18, Roxy has been behind the chair, working her way through different top salons in New York City. Still, something was not quite right. Looking for the missing piece in other industries, such as mortgages & luxury vehicles, Roxy returned to hair each time with the passion still alive. 

Meura Salon Begins

At 26, Roxy felt fed up with working as a hairstylist but knew it was her calling. Having saved some money & still in love with doing hair, Roxy decided to open her own salon. The salon would be founded on having a safe, respectful place where the stylists could share their creativity & clients feel heard in their hair goals – something she felt was missing from many salons she worked within. Inspired by creative, artistic women achieving greatness, Roxy named her dream Meura Salon after women-powered luxury designs & opened in 2009 in the heart of Park Slope. 

The salon quickly became Brooklyn’s go-to salon for many reasons. Meura Salon provided an atmosphere that was stress-free for the client & the hairstylists, creating an empowering space to transform into your new you confidently. Putting hair health before end goals, Roxy became one of New York City’s premier hairstylists, respected for her knowledge & artistic talent.  

For 12 years, Meura Salon successfully brought a new experience into the hair salon world on 5th Avenue in New York City. Constant training on new hair coloring techniques & prioritizing hair health soon made Meura Salon & Roxy a sought-after salon in the city.  

Esthetics by Es is Born 

Growing up, Es would spend time in the salon, helping out & later working the front desk. The bond between Es & Roxy as sisters only grew stronger as time went on, always providing a motivational spark for each other. After working in different industries, from nursing to insurance, Es felt drawn to be a laser technician. Somewhere on her way to being a laser technician, esthetics called to Es & she dove in head first, without expectations, trusting her instinct. 

Esthetics provided the perfect space for Es to excel. The combination of health, helping others & her passion for the perfect eyebrows gave Es the freedom to flourish. New York City quickly got behind Es as she became a top waxer in the city. Wanting more than waxing services, Es decided to break out on her own.

Driven to find a space that brought her life joy just as much as her clients, Es decided to open her own space & Esthetics by Es was born. Es allowed her passion for eyes to lead her esthetics practice, beginning with lash lifting. Trained in many techniques, Es now specializes in microblading & microshading, as well as ombre brow & much more. When an Instagram reel of Es’s incredible lash lifting went viral, Esthetics by Es was recognized as the first salon in Brooklyn to offer the services & took off.  

Meura Makes a Move 

Not long ago, the Es & Roxy decided they were ready for a change. Mother of 2, Roxy wished to raise her children outside New York City. Ready for warmer weather, Es joined forces to move their successful salons & family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now, Meura Salon on Broward Boulevard is here with open boho-chic doors, bringing premier quality luxury hair coloring & eyebrow esthetics to Fort Lauderdale. 

Holding a space within Meura Salon allows the sisters to grow their companies side by side as they travel through life. You can feel love between the sisters as you enter the salon & it creates a space where you feel free to be yourself. Es & Roxy are a source of motivation for each other, building each other up every step of the way. Meura Salon & Esthetics by Es also provides a space for hair stylists to offer an intimate, curated hair service for each client. 

Spending time at Meura Salon will leave you rejuvenated, inspired, & confident as you chase your dreams & make them your reality. Let your personality shine as your first impression when your dream look comes to life with Meura Salon & Esthetics by Es.