Meura Salon – Luxury Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale

Process of Lived in Blonde 

Here are the steps to achieving the perfect, multi-dimensional, sun-kissed look we love during a Lived in Blonde service at Meura Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  


The consultation before your appointment is key to making your Meura Salon Lived in Blonde experience everything you deserve.  

Hair Cleansing Service 

To begin your appointment, we treat your hair to remove any minerals left behind from hard water. Scalp massage, anyone? 

Blow Dry 

Drying your hair allows us to get to know your hair better and prep it for lifting the current pigments.  

Dry Cut 

Reframing and reshaping your face, achieving your desired length.  

Lifting the Hair 

This part of the process often takes the longest and is the most sensitive. Time spent lifting your hair will depend on your desired end color, the health, density, & length of your hair, and how it responds to the lifting chemicals. 

Deposit Color 

Based on the undertones of your hair and your desired final color, we create a customized color mix for your hair. Color additions could be in the form of gloss, natural hair colors, vivid colors, and even metallics. Both semi-permanent and permanent hair colors can be applied based on your preference. 

Seal the Hair with a Treatment 

Based on the health of your hair, your Lived in Blonde experience at Meura Salon is not complete without a personalized sealing treatment. Treatments allow your hair to live its best life as you show off your new color. Sealing treatments also increase the longevity of your multi-dimensional Lived in Blonde look.  


We end each Lived in Blonde hair coloring service by styling your hair to your desired look. Show off your new look confidently in your favorite style.