Meura Salon – Luxury Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale

Techniques Used for a Lived in Blonde Hair Color Session 

Your Bone Structure 

Choosing the color placement based on your bone structure utilizes the perfect angle on your head for each strand to shine through. This placement highlights your natural beauty as your hair grows. 

Your Eye Color & Skin Tone 

Lived in Blonde considers your skin tone for the months between services (like tanning over the summer). Your eye color is a significant factor we consider at Meura Salon when choosing your perfect color match for face-framing pieces.  

Root Shadowing 

Using the root shadowing technique ultimately gives a seamless effect to your coloring, blending together each shade, including your roots. Root shadowing will make the colors pop while stretching the time needed between services to once or twice a year. 

Teasy Lights  

Teasy Lights bring a subtle yet powerful blonde into the mix, glistening your hair. This technique also benefits a Lived in Blonde service by preventing overlapping highlights. 

Highlight Weaving 

Highlight weaving adds dimension to your Lived in Blonde. This technique is where our expert colorists can create a dramatic effect in your hair, bringing your personality to life. 

Balayage Technique 

Balayage is a French technique of hand painting when coloring hair. It leaves you with a sunlight effect for a more subtle blonde.​​ Balayage creates a blended look, assisting in seamless grow out. 

Multiple Glosses 

Placing lifted strands with the Lived in Blonde hair coloring technique allows more creative coloring from your stylist. At Meura Salon, we often use multiple glosses, creating layered dimensions of color from every angle. Meura Salon proudly uses Kevin Murphy colors.