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Transform your eyebrows!


Microblading will transform your eyebrows, bringing your dream look to life. Our passion for art & beauty makes microblading our specialty at Esthetics by Es. Creating your perfect eyebrows is more than just the shape of your eyebrow. The direction of your hair growth, facial bone structure, & the shade of your natural hair are all considered during a microblading or microshading procedure. For premier quality of microblading in Fort Lauderdale, FL, book Experience our curated eyebrows by booking a consultation & let's bring your eyebrow goals to reality.


Often considered a permanent cosmetic procedure, microblading & microshading can streamline your morning routine. At the same time, you achieve your dream eyebrows each morning. A fine blade creates pixels of ink in the upper layers of your skin, creating thin, whispy lines to bring your eyebrows to their fullest & best shape. Microshading will give you the softest effect, creating fuller eyebrows. Microblading will bring you fuller, thicker eyebrows that naturally flow with your face. 

The specialized tool used during microblading is a fine blade. Specific blade types will be chosen to best work with your skin. The blade creates thin, natural, hair-like strokes. Since the pigment is deposited in the shallow part of your dermis, the result is a natural eyebrow lasting up to 18 months! Microblading is done to work with your eyebrow’s natural flow to create a look that enhances your natural features. All microblading appointments with Esthetics by Es require a consultation before booking. Touch-ups are a necessary part of the process, 4 to 6 weeks after your first appointment. 

Microshading is also considered a semi-permanent makeup option for those who are done filling in their eyebrows each day. Using a fine blade, pigments are deposited in the upper dermal layer of your skin by the pixels your esthetician creates. This fine blade creates a soft, natural, hair-like stroke to fill your eyebrows. Each morning, achieve the perfect powder-filled eyebrow look with microshading in Fort Lauderdale at Esthetics by Es. 

Microblading does not have to be painful! We offer topical numbing creams that can dull your discomfort while microblading or microshading is performed. Each person’s pain levels are different, so the level of discomfort is relative to you. The most common description of microblading is a feeling of minor scratches, nothing unbearable. 

Microblading in Fort Lauderdale averages 2 to 3 hours for each session. When you book microblading with Esthetics by Es, we block off time before & after your appointment. When you arrive with us for your microshading or microblading appointment, you can be sure you have our entire focus, without rush. 

Microblading can last anywhere from 9 to 18 months. The durability of your microblading is impacted by many variables. How your skin absorbs & heals with the pigment, as well as your lifestyle, are the two most significant factors. The pigment is expected to fade between 18 to 24 months. Touch-ups are always recommended to attain your perfect, dream eyebrows. 

The duration of microshading in Fort Lauderdale also varies due to your skin’s natural reaction to the pigment & your lifestyle. However, microshading can require fewer touch-ups. Professional microshading is expected to last you 2 to 5 years. Dream eyebrows for years? Yes, please.


The first step of any procedure at Esthetics with Es is a consultation with your esthetician. Consultations allow us to get to know who you are, your eyebrow goals, your personality & lifestyle. The consultation will be on a different day than your microblading procedure. We will go over the expectations & results of each service to find what fits your needs. Together, we will create the best path for you to reach your eyebrow dreams daily.

Before any work is completed, a patch test will be done on your skin to assess the projected healing & perfect shade. Patch tests will need to be done 24+ hours before microblading or microshading. At times, these may be done during your consultation.

Our certified estheticians will begin by drawing the perfect eyebrow shape for you based on your bone structure and the golden ratio. A specialized measuring tool is used to accurately enhance the unique features that make you, you.

In-depth knowledge of the color wheel & understanding your skin’s natural state are crucial to picking the perfect shade of pigment for your microblading.

The first strokes are then placed. A topical anesthetic is available to reduce any discomfort from the tiny needles.

With each stroke, pigment is worked into the upper layer of your skin. Microshading & microblading add natural depth to your eyebrow. A pigment mask is then used to facilitate the absorption of the pigment into your skin.

After a thorough cleaning, medical-grade silicone will be applied to the area. This protective layer will last 12 to 24 hours. In 4 to 6 weeks, we will review how your microshading has healed and touch up your microblading as needed.

At Esthetics by Es, we specialize in both microblading & microshading. Our passion for eyebrows that enhance your natural features align with artistry during microblading. It is an honor to be a part of your eyebrow journey.


Right after your microshading or microblading in Fort Lauderdale at Esthetics by Es, the pigment will have a sharp, dark appearance. The ink sits at the top of your skin as it settles & is absorbed. Excess pigment may come off as you clean it, a natural part of the process. This sharpness to your eyebrows will gradually fade to soft as the pigment settles & your skin heals.

Around day 5, you may notice your eyebrows look lighter. From about days 5 to 12, the pigments are absorbed in the deeper layers of your skin. As healing continues, the color will be pushed up towards your skin’s upper layers.

As the healing occurs, you may notice skin flaking off your eyebrows. Pigment may also flake, but not to worry. Some pigment settles into superficial layers of your skin & it is a natural part of the healing process.



The touch-up appointment is an essential step in the microblading procedure. Each person heals differently; therefore, the initial microblading or microshading may not be exactly perfect. There are many phases of healing your new eyebrows will go through. Touch-up appointments for microblading or microshading are recommended 4 to 6 weeks after the first session. This allows your eyebrows ample time to completely heal & let the actual, new color shine. 

During this appointment, we will better understand how your skin absorbs pigment & how it heals. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments to bring your color lighter or darker, matching the eyebrow shade you dream about. A touch-up appointment also allows our certified estheticians to add the details that bring together your desired eyebrow shape & thickness. 


Touch-up appointments are essential in the microblading process. These appointments allow your esthetician to review how your skin is healing & holding the color pigments. Adjustments are made to align your eyebrows to your dream look. The fullness or length of your eyebrows can be increased, or the color can be adjusted to a darker or lighter shade.


Avoid alcohol, coffee, or other energizing drinks on your appointment day.
For 24 hours before your microblading appointment in Fort Lauderdale, do not take the following supplements: Niacin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, or Vitamin E.

Tanning & prolonged sun exposure should be avoided for at least 3 days before your appointment.
Do not wax your eyebrows less than 3 days before your scheduled microblading.

During the week before your microshading appointment, do not take Omega3 or other fish oil supplements.

Intense facial treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser treatments should not be performed within 2 weeks of your microblading appointment.

On the day of your microblading or microshading appointment, take care to fix your hair & have any necessary self-care done so that you can keep your eyebrows dry for the following days.


If you are new to Esthetics to Es, welcome! We highly recommend you book a consultation with us. Together, we can create the perfect path for your dream eyebrows to come to life!

All microblading & microshading appointments are accepted only after a consultation. Appointments will be made for the next available day that works for you! 

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to book your microblading or microshading appointment at the time of scheduling. Your deposit will be a credit toward the procedure fees on the day of your appointment.

Cosmetic tattoo services, such as microblading, cannot be performed on anyone pregnant or nursing.

Alert your esthetician during your consultation of any previous experience with cosmetic tattoos. Tattoos new to your esthetician on the day of your appointment may result in a cancellation of your appointment by your esthetician. Last-minute cancellation fees may apply.

Esthetics by Es reserves the right to refuse service. Health is of the utmost importance to us & we will not perform a service we feel may compromise the client’s overall health. Read additional scheduling policies on your appointment on our Hair Services page.