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Top After Care Tips for Color Treated Hair

Top Lived in Blonde After Care Tips

Here are the aftercare tips we give to anyone who colors their hair. Aftercare is even more critical with a Lived in Blonde service, since the time between visits to the salon is greater. Excellent aftercare for your color-treated hair can enhance your new color, keeping it brilliant for longer.

Use a Shower Filter

Tap water is often hard, meaning it has a high mineral count. Minerals like magnesium & calcium will make themselves at home in your hair, creating a film around each strand. This film blocks your hair from staying hydrated and can quickly change the color of your color-treated hair.

Avoid Over-the-Counter Products

Grabbing a new bottle of shampoo or conditioner while you are already at the store is convenient. However, you never know how long those products have been on a shelf. Ordering your hair products directly from your preferred brand almost always guarantees a fresh product that has not expired. Purchasing products at a salon is another good way to bring home a product that still works as intended. At Meura Salon, we exclusively carry Kevin Murphy products.

Only Use Color Safe Products

Not all products were created equal, & not all products suit your color-treated hair. Read the label & only use products safe for color-treated hair.

Prioritize UV Protectant

Spending time outside in the sunshine can harm your hair, just as it is to your skin. Using a UV protectant is like sunscreen for your hair and will help your color shine bright for longer.

Eat a Balanced Diet

It may be no surprise since a balanced diet is good for your overall health. Did you know your hair needs nutrients just like the rest of your body? You can also find hair health vitamins! Speak with your doctor before removing or adding new supplements to your diet.

Regularly Deep Condition

Treating your hair to an at-home deep conditioner once a week will help your hair remain healthy & robust between services at the salon. We also recommend using a leave-in conditioner, especially before styling!

Meura Salon’s 3-in-1 Service

Our 3-in-1 service is exclusively available for Lived in Blonde clients. We recommend scheduling every 3 months between color treatments. You can expect a reglossing of your hair, trimming any dead ends, and styling before you head out. This service package usually takes 2-3 hours.