Meura Salon – Luxury Hair Salon in Fort Lauderdale

Why Meura Salon is Right for You.

Premier Quality Salon in Ft Lauderdale

At Meura Salon, you can always expect one thing, dream hair perfection. Whether searching for the perfect face-framing refresh or a total transformation, you will receive the same level of professional and quality treatment from us. We block the day for you when you book a blonding or coloring session, focusing our energy on your time in our chair. Your hair receives our undivided attention, resulting in a premier quality found only at Meura Salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Professional Hair Consultation

Every service at Meura Salon begins with a thorough consultation to determine your desired new hairstyle & hair care lifestyle. We will curate a customized hair care plan with you, so your hair can live its best life, too! During the consultation, we may perform a strand test to better understand your hair’s current state & create the optimal path to achieving your desired look.

Healthy Hair

Hair health is of the utmost importance for all of us here at Meura Salon. We will not perform any service we feel will jeopardize your hair’s health or integrity. With that at the forefront of all services, we may suggest reaching your desired dream hair in multiple stages. We often refer to this as a color correction and then a coloring session. This allows your dream hair to become a reality while your hair heals to be its healthiest & you reach the perfect dimensional shades.

Choosing Meura Salon for your hair care means choosing hair health and luxurious hair coloring. We proudly use Kevin Murphy products and are dedicated to educating you about your hair health and optimal aftercare. All blonding services at Meura Salon will include the following in pricing: the total amount of lightener needed, all base melts, toners, or glosses, a deep treatment based on the current health of your hair (such as moisture, repair, detox, etc.), and your desired styling once coloring is complete! The total package.